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I want to sell a machine like this

  • CNC Swiss
  • Tornos
  • Deco 20
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 1998
  • C Axis:
  • Y Axis:
  • Sub Spindle:
  • Live Tooling:


Two Machines - price is for each
(2) Deco 20 Both are 1998 serial T-62029, T-62028
(2) LNS 20 Express 226 serial 100021/98 100023/98
chip conveyor with each machine
Reconditioned in 2016 in Germany replaced anything that was not functioning correctly (drives,amplifiers, motors, etc.) no specific info could be found
Only 20mm they have we get all tooling
Run Synthethic Oil
LNS Express 226 - 3 meter
One machine has a VFD problem until they disconnect one loader then all is fine.
Other has a slight air leak which they will fix