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  • Transfer Machine
  • Hydromat
  • Epic HS-16
  • Rotary
  • Upward Facing Chucks
  • 2005


Model: Epic RT HS-16-44
Manufacturer: Hydromat
Serial #: HS16-44- 1953
Location: Macomb, MI
Year Built: 2005
Cycles 11 Million
We have detailed photos of this machine.
Also Have a complete breakdown of the units
Number Of Current Station Set Up- Horizontal: 15
Number Of Current Station Set Up-- Vertical: 3
Diameter Of Cast Iron Spindle Mounting Ring: 48.42"
Max. Stock Capacity:
Cube Blank Chucking Capacity: 4"
Round Chucking Capacity: 1.750"
Max. Workpiece Length: 8"
Station# 1H: Horizontal Loader
Station# 2H : Horizontal Rougher
Station# 3H : Horizontal CNC Head
Station# 4H : Horizontal Chamfer Tool
Station# 5H : Horizontal Small Drill
Station# 6V: Vertical Plunge Drill
Station# 6H : Drill Head
Station# 7H : Horizontal Reamer
Station# 8H : Horizontal Drill Head
Station# 9H : Horizontal Drill Head
Station# 9V : Vertical Drill Head
Station# 10H : Drill Head With Spot Facer
Station# 11H : Horizontal Dual Axis Unit (Both X & Y Axis)
Station# 12H : Horizontal Dual Axis Unit (Both X & Y Axis)
Station# 13H : Horizontal Wobble Broach
Station# 14V : Vertical Tapping Head
Station# 15H : Horizontal Saw Unit
Station# 16H : Part Unloader
Hydraulic Pump Flow: 9 GPM
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 50 Gallons
Indexing Time: 1.2 Seconds
Equipped with
Hydromat Epic RT CNC Controls
Indexing Chucks
2 BK Mikro Drill Detector Units For Station 5H & 8H
Techna-Check Model TC3200-1 For Station 3H
Techna-Check Model TC3200-EC For Station 10H
Hydromat H250 Basic Tool Presetter By Zoller
Hydraulic Work Supports
3 Indexers