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  • CNC Swiss
  • Tornos
  • Sigma 20 II
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 20mm
  • 2008
  • Live Tooling:


(2) Tornos Sigma 20 II, 6-Axis CNC Screw Machine
Serial Numbers 9069 and 9074 (2008)
Equipped as follows:
1" Capacity
Thread Whirling
LNS Turbo High Pressure Coolant System & Tank
Tornos Model SBF-532 Bar Feed System (12’)
Fanuc Series 31i-A CNC Control
Backworking / Counter spindle
Fire Suppression
Mist Collection
Machine Tooling Package
Part Conveyor
Work Light
Power: 440-480V 60 Hz
10,000 RPM Main Spiindle (integral)
Linear Tooling System Set on 2 axes (X1/Y1), 14 tool positions
S11 Motorization, 10,000 RPM to drive rotating tools on X1/Y1
10,000 RPM Backworking/Counter Spindle (integral)
Linear Tooling System Set on 2 axes (X4/Y4), 8 tool positions