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  • Chip Processing
  • Barrett
  • 402E
  • Chip Spinner
  • 1990
 Barrett 402E Chip Spinner  1990


The Barrett Oil Extractor and Centrifuge are systems that I use to reclaim
the cutting oil from chips and parts. The chips and parts made on my
Screw machines are dumped into spinner bowls, (I have about 10 bowls
that go with the system). The bowls are hoisted into the spinner, (the
jib crane and controls go with this system also). The oil is spun from the
parts and chips. The dry chips are dumped into a hopper for removal,
(the hopper is included). The oil is sent to a 45 gallon setteling tank and
from there pumped over to the centrifuge where the fines are spun out.
The system is fairly automatic. The oil is sent back to a clean tank for
re-use in the machines. I pump the cutting oil back from each screw
machine once each week to filter out the fines, this way my oil performes
better, tooling last longer and I can make better parts.
The three parts that make up the system; spinner, settling tank and
the centrifuge, are about 10' long and about 4' wide. The jib is made
by Spanco, it is 1,000 lb. capacity. I have the complete service and
installation book on all the components. The system is operational,
it is used everyday and can be see running up until mid December.